NIU Alumni Flag

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This 3’ x 5’ polyester NIU Alumni Association flag is adorned with our famous “Huskie Head” logo. Our alumni know this flag represents much more than just a logo.  They are woven into the fabric of our institution and this iconic image symbolizes the hard work and grit of Huskies, both past and present.

Our present Huskies are working extra hard to overcome challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted their lives both personally and academically, and the NIUAA wants to help. All net proceeds from this flag will go directly to the NIU Student Emergency Fund.  You can also donate directly by visiting the NIU Student Emergency Fund webpage

This fund is helping our students stay in school during this critical time so that they can graduate and stay in our proud Huskie family. 

Dave’s Coffee Cake


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Dave’s Coffee Cake is also supporting the NIU Student Emergency Fund. So please click on this link and use the password Huskies. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the NIU Student Emergency Fund.